Sequence data released by the laboratory of plant breeding, WUR

This server contains large sequence datasets that have been publicly released or are about to be publicly released (pending review of the accompanying papers) by the laboratory of plant breeding. While publicly available, these data are copyrighted material, and may not be re-distributed without prior permission. The laboratory of plant breeding operates this server as a service to the wider scientific community, and provides this service strictly as-is, with no waranty whatsoever. This includes the exclusion of any waranties with regards to availability, correctness or fitness for any purpose of the server and/or the data it contains.

Please refer to the respective original publication(s) for a description of each dataset.
Please provide a reference to the original publication(s) when re-using these data in a publication.

If you have any questions about this server and the data it contains, please contact Theo Borm.